Sunday, October 08, 2006

Orle Sex Anyone?

Someone arrived at this blog by doing a Yahoo search for "orle sex." After doing my own Yahoo search for "orle sex," I discovered the person was directed here because of the "orle" in the world Orleans and because of the "sex" in my post where I mention Falafel Sex.

I don't know if the searcher was an adult with a spelling malfunction or, possibly, a child who heard the term "oral sex" used by adults and, although they aren't old enough to know how to spell oral, they were clever enough to do a Yahoo search.

When I was in high school, our spanish speaking friends loved to throw around dirty phrases in spanish and then laugh at us because we didn't know what they were saying. So, it's possible that a non-english speaking person overheard the phrase "oral sex" and wondered what all the fuss was about and decided to hit Yahoo.

The confusion could have been avoided if the searcher had done a Google search. Google helpfully asks, "Did you mean: oral sex?"

Always, Mr. Google, always.


cindybindy said...

hahaha! There used to be a strip club out near the air force base that had a hand-painted sign advertising the "orental club - ecxtoic dancer". We used to laugh that the one lone oriental dancer probably got very tired on a Friday night :)

D. B. Cooper said...

Google? Thanks. And for the record I did mean Oral.

Laurie said...

Cindy - I'm sure the patrons didn't hold the owners to a very high standard as far as false advertising.

D. B. - I guess you were just a little excited, not to mention trying to type using only one hand.

Peter said...

Ole, Orle, Oral!!!!

Lorna said...

I blush. I google.

se7en said...

LOL Google will end up owning the world... and everything in our underpants too!

On your last post: Me and my brother were exactly the same height and weight for years when we were teens and we often swapped shirts that would fit perfectly. We couldn't wear each other jeans though, his were always about 2 inches to short for me! weird huh?

Laurie said...

Peter - Now it makes sense.

Lorna - Who knew Google could even guide our online porn lives. Not mine, of course. I already know how to spell all the hard words. ;)

Se7en - I can't stop my brain from trying to calculate a logorithm regarding your pants.

neil said...

Ah memories.

Laurie said...

Neil - I totally understand.