Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"I Never Thought It Would Happen to Me"

I heard it on the news again tonight. It's one of those phrases I seem to hear on the news at least once and, quite often, twice a day. Some poor bastard said, "I never thought it would happen to me."

When something bad happens to me, my first thought is, "So, what else is new? More crap, different day." Then, I move on.

Life sucks. That's where the phrase "it all went down the drain" comes from. Do people really think nothing bad is ever going to happen to them or is it the only thing that pops into their heads to say when a reporter is pointing a microphone at them?

Me? I fully expect to be wrecked, robbed, laid off, sickened, broken or natural disastered every time I walk out the door. I would also not be one bit surprised if one or more of the above things happened to anyone in my family or to one of my dear friends.

I would love to hear one guy look at the reporter and say, "I fully expected this. God hates me."

Of course, to balance my well-hidden pessimism, I am also convinced I will win an Oscar and play in the World Series. A girl has to have a backup plan.


Sudiegirl said...

amen sister!

TexasGal said...

The phrase could also apply to a good situation as in:

1) Winning the Lottery
2) Hitting the Jackpot in Vegas
3) Getting some big promotion, etc.

Except that stuff doesn't make the news...

D. B. Cooper said...

"I fully expected this. God hates me."

Oh that's a good one.! Good post. You and I think alot alike. Here's some more "should be said" lines....

"Ain't that a bitch?"

What else would you expect?"

"Like I didn't see that coming!"

Sophmom said...

Great post. I really do think lots of folks don't think *it* could ever happen to them. I think more like them, except I really don't expect to win the big one, whether it be a game or a bet or the lottery. *sigh*

Oh! And hearty congratulations on your recent blogaversary. :)

Laurie said...

Sudie - :)

Texas Gal - That's true.

D. B. - I agree that we think alike. Some of your posts sound like they came out of my head.

Sophmom - Thanks!

Zina said...

That reminds me of my rant about those people that think they are the only one in the entire world. You know those people, the ones in front of you anywhere and walk in the middle of the aisle (or drive in the middle of the street, they know you're back there but they don't move because they think they are the only people in the world.

Yeah, and they are always in front of me...just like I knew they would be. What can I say we are cousins!

Laurie said...

Zina - That drives me nuts!!! I just want to yell, "MOVE!!!!!!!!"

cindybindy said...

My comment for the TV camera will be "I was wondering when I'd get caught." I'm like you, look for the worst and laugh like Hell when it doesn't happen:)

Laurie said...

Cindy - Amen, sister.