Friday, January 14, 2005

Wild Monkey Sex

Carly’s Sea-Monkey’s are mating right now! (She has hers here at the office. I keep mine at home because I would stare at them all day if I had them up here.)

She called me to come see them and I had to casually walk over there when every fiber of my being was shouting, “Run!” (No running in the office, please, and put down those scissors!) When I got there, Hondo (only 3 weeks old, the slut) was engaging in something with one of the other Monkeys. Whatever they’re doing looks more oral than genital, however, but who the hell knows. We’re not sure if it’s 69 but it’s at least 6. Sea-Monkey foreplay we assume.

Wild Monkey Sex updates will follow as events warrant.


Dr. Sauce said...

That is so great.. I never got to catch my friends' in the act. Sea-Monkey sex must be really hot and sexy. They're so tiny though...

Vettacini Sheppard said...

SEA MONKEY PORN!!! Who would've thought????

luz de la luna said...

Woooo get the sea monkeys a disco ball and a leopard skin rug so they can get it on an lurv in style!

- La Luna