Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sea-Monkey Update

Carly’s Sea-Monkeys finally parted. Shortly, thereafter, however, two of them (we’re assuming two males) started fighting. They fought all afternoon and when we got here this morning, one of them (the winner we suppose) was having sex with the already pregnant female! Carly’s got a regular Sea-Monkey hippie commune over there. Bunch of briney perverts.

Regarding my own Sea-Monkeys, I fed them last night for the first time and I think I overfed them. Before feeding it looked like I had hundreds in there, now I only see one! Carly says I used the wrong end of the feeding spoon. I didn’t even know there were two ends. Dammit! She says the same thing happened to her but she ended up with the four who are now valiantly and somewhat immorally trying to repopulate her tank. I’ll check things out when I get home. I’m quite sad. I’m a Sea-Monkey murderer!

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