Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Emergency Sea-Monkey Sex Bulletin

This is an emergency Sea-Monkey Sex Bulletin. Three of the Sea-Monkeys in Carly's perverse little colony are currently engaging in an oddly beautifully executed menage-a-trois.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog surfing.


Dr. Sauce said...

Mmmmm, anybody up for a sex on the beach?

These Sea-Monkeys are sure romantic.

Mellie Helen said...

PuhLEASE! There are minors reading blogs these days, you know. Give the poor Sea Monkeys a little privacy. And maybe light some candles. And play some soft jazz. No filming.

Laurie said...

Mellie, can't tell if you're partially joking about the kids thing or not. I hope I didn't offend anyone but, unfortunately, I'm not writing (or editing) my blog for kids. Lauren, close your eyes! My office manager is truly appalled by my language on here sometimes because it's a persona she is not familiar with at work. Thanks for the comment! Peace.

Laurie said...

Mellie and I have discussed Sea-Monkeys via e-mail and she assures me she isn't overwrought about Sea-Monkey sex as I had imagined. She was just reliving her traumatic childhood when she also owned Sea-Monkeys and was devastated to discover that they looked nothing like the royalty depicted in the ads. Visit her blog. She's very funny.

luz de la luna said...

Well... what else are you gonna do in a tank of water and nothing else? :-D

La Luna