Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Because Lauren Challenged Me...

My newest blogging friend, Lauren, says I have to do this so here I go. For those of you who are bored by this sort of thing, move along and I'll post you tomorrow.

  1. 3 names you go by: 1. Laurie 2. Lo-Lo (Aunt Gert and Uncle Henry call me this. I'm not sure why and they're on different sides of the family.) 3. Aunt Honey (my niece and all my nephews)
  2. 3 screen names you have: 1. lauriea776 2. landerson1 3. lauriean
  3. 3 things you like about yourself: 1. Easy going 2. I like all kinds of music 3. I'm easily entertained by the mundane
  4. 3 things I dislike about myself: 1. Judgmental 2. Overly cautious 3. Inhibited
  5. 3 parts of your heritage: 1. Cajun French (mom's side of the family) 2. Cajun French (dad's side of the family) 3. Attakapa Indian (a little bit on mom's side)
  6. 3 things that scare you: 1. Heights 2. Bugs 3. Snakes
  7. 3 of your everyday essentials: 1. Anti-wrinkle cream 2. Write at least one post in my blog 3. Sleep, sleep, sleep
  8. 3 things you're wearing right now: 1. Pajama pants 2. Jive Train long sleeve t-shirt 3. Slipper socks that look like ballet slippers.
  9. 3 of your favorite bands/artists: 1. Allman Brothers 2. Led Zepplin 3. Steely Dan
  10. 3 of your favorite songs at the present: 1. Anything by Jason Mraz 2. Anything by Maroon 5 3. Anything by Cold Play
  11. 3 things you want in a relationship (love is a given, and I will add in great sex and honesty) : 1. Humor 2. Intelligence 3. Trust
  12. 2 truths and a lie (no particular order to keep you guessing): 1. I love New Orleans 2. I love Las Vegas 3. I hate to fly
  13. 3 physical things about a love interest that appeal: 1. Smiles a lot 2. Nice eyes 3. Smells good
  14. 3 things you just can't do: 1. Ride roller coasters 2. Sing (doesn't stop me though) 3. Eat peas
  15. 3 of your favorite hobbies (blogging isn't a hobby, it's an addiction): 1. Reading 2. New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle (it's a hobby because it takes me all week) 3. Computer games (Sims, Civilization, Age of Emires, stuff like that)
  16. 3 things you want to do badly right now: 1. Watch CSI New York in about 2 minutes 2. Continue reading Lord of the Rings 3. Go to bed
  17. 3 careers you are considering: 1. Writer (from my fabulous townhouse in the French Quarter) 2. Writer (from my fabulous beach house on Crystal Beach) 3. Writer (from my fabulous suite in Las Vegas)
  18. 3 kids names (either boy or girl): 1. Cory (my son) 2. Jamie (my daughter-in-law) 3. Carly (what I was going to name Cory if he was a girl)
  19. 3 things you want to do before you die: 1. Go to New York City 2. Go to California 3. Go to Europe
  20. 3 people who have to take this quiz now: 1. Astrid 2. Tracey 3. Jen

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Dr. Sauce said...

Glad to know I'm you're friend, sorry to have stuck this on you =Þ.

So it looks like you're 1. Going to be a writer and 2. Going to live in a fabolous suite. I'll remember that.