Friday, January 28, 2005

See What Brown Can Do For You

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Abby Taylor said...

Just blog surfing on a Friday night. I desperately need a life. But this blog stands out from the randomized sampling of angst that the "next blog" button usually gives you. Very entertaining! Keep writing! Thanks.

Laurie said...

Thank you Abby!

Lorna said...

As a Friday to Thursday night blogsurfer, I contend that this is a life. I get to enjoy great conversation, walk out on stuff I find boring, hope people listen to me, and it's just like an old-fashioned cocktail party except I don't have to get dressed up (too bad, I have sparkly things) and there's no hangover. I always look for Laurie at the bar--some things you can always count on; I get to choose the background noise---right now it's Ray Lamontagne and I can pour my own poison.