Sunday, January 30, 2005

*Pic* Chris LeBlanc and his band at Antone's Posted by Hello


Puggyspice said...

Hi Laurie - this isn't about Chris LeBlanc but more about the mention of Antone's in TX. How close is this to Austin (or maybe it's in Austin)? There is an amazing performer named Toni Price. She performs mostly at the Continental Club, but I think occassionally goes to Antone's. If you ever get a chance to check her out, I'd recommend it. No, this is not a solicitation - I live in NC and make no $ off the tips Toni receives at her shows. Just a devoted follower trying to convert others to Toni Pricism.

Laurie said...

This Antone's is here in Beaumont. I'll try to check out your friend sometime though.