Saturday, January 15, 2005

Wild Monkey Sex - Update

When we left the office Friday afternoon, Carly's Sea-Monkeys were still going at it. Chris doesn't think they're having sex. He thinks they're just "stuck". Same difference if you ask me.

My own Sea-Monkeys are thriving. They're about three weeks younger than Carly's herd (gaggle, swarm, school?). They're about the size of a comma (,) and they're swimming frantically around the tank. There seem to be hundreds of them and Carly tells me that my little tank can only support life for about a hundred adult Sea-Monkeys.

Now, I'm in a panic. How am I going to count Sea-Monkeys?

"1-2-3...oh, I already counted you...1-2...damn it!! Stop moving around you little bastards! 1-2...26-27-28...F**k!!!"

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Anonymous said...

omg i used to wonder about sea monkeys ever since reading about them in Archie and Jughead comics as a HAVE to keep us updated.. :)