Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blog Explosion: A Plan to Foil the "1 Star Voting Blog Haters"

I have a plan that will render the “1 Star Voting Blog Haters” irrelevant. The secret is in volume. When I first started blogging, I would get respectable 5’s and 6’s and I was thrilled. Then, I got a couple of 1’s. I was immediately transported back to 7th grade with the “slan books” and the cliques and wondering why I wasn’t invited to the big party. I couldn’t appreciate the occasional 10 (for some reason, I’m really popular with people in Canada and England, go figure) because I was freaking out over the 1’s. Did these people want me to quit blogging and go back to my knitting? (Just kidding, I don’t knit. I mostly just lay on the couch.) Then I realized they were just jerks trying to mess with people.

When you only have a few votes, a 1 can drop you down to an embarrassingly low rating. Now that I have over 40 votes one vote (good or bad) doesn’t affect me that much. So, here’s the plan. Vote at every blog site you visit. You have to stay there for 30 seconds anyway, use ½ of a second to cast a vote. I’m not saying you should give everyone a 10 or that you should not give anyone a 1. It’s your vote, use it as you like. Just vote. I think your rating will eventually average out to what you deserve.

I’ll probably get a couple of 10 votes as a result of this post for my brilliant deductive reasoning but I will also get the inevitable retaliatory 1’s to keep me in my place. That should keep me at a respectable 7 which feels about right.

Blog on, you crazy bastards, and vote. Power to the people and all that. Spread the word.


Jersey_Lily said...

I happen to love reading your blog and your post reminded me that it was important to say so :-).

E in Oz said...

Hmmm...well I've been surfing BE all morning and have been forgetting to rate people. I rated you. There ya go! Hopefully, good karma will mean someone will rate me nicely today.

E :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree - and rated ya.

Best of luck


Anonymous said...

I've come to much the same conclusion ;>

RachaelHope you don't get any of those 1-ers landing on you any time soon!

Yano said...

I never figured out why 'ratings' were so important to people who blog. I measure a blog's worth and popularity by the regular readers and the content of the posts. I write for the people who come to my site day after day and if someone rates me a '1', no skin off my back. The people who come back and comment every day make it all worth it to me.