Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogging Defined

My blogging friend Lorna up in Canada left the following comment on one of my posts in response to another nice comment left by a new visitor. This was too good to leave in the comments section where it might not be read. Enjoy.

As a Friday to Thursday night blogsurfer, I contend that this is a life. I get to enjoy great conversation, walk out on stuff I find boring, hope people listen to me, and it's just like an old-fashioned cocktail party except I don't have to get dressed up (too bad, I have sparkly things) and there's no hangover. I always look for Laurie at the bar--some things you can always count on; I get to choose the background noise---right now it's Ray Lamontagne and I can pour my own.

1 comment:

Zina said...

YEAH LORNA! I totally agree!