Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Perfect Pet

I don't have pets. I like animals in theory. In practice, however, they are destructive, they are messy, they are demanding, they are expensive and they stink.

I am so self-centered and self-indulgent that I don't even have plants because that would be one more thing to fuss over and dust and feed and water.

I have, however, made the plunge into pet ownership on a level I can deal with. I have bought Sea Monkeys! Not just any Sea Monkeys, mind you. I bought The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys Executive Set. In about ten minutes, I will give them the gift of life. Of course, if their little tank gets dirty, they're getting flushed.

Sayonara, monkey boy.


Anonymous said...

Now, I've had 11 dogs, 7 cats, a lot of goldfish, 8 hamsters in my life, and I still say: Sea Monkeys are the PERFECT pets.

Anonymous said...

I meant to post my url on the comment above, if you wanted to swing by.


I'm not a spammer, I swear.

Müzikdüde said...

Sea Monkeys make great pets...until they make a mess on the carpet.

hatteraspainter said...

Hi Laurie; A few years ago I made the smartest move I've ever made concerning pets. My neighbor went on vacation and knowing I enjoyed his dog (sarcasm) asked me to baby sit the thing. I agreed to! And the fun began. The dog took a sizable chunk out of me the first day just getting him out of the cage. The second, he made a sizeable mess in the neighbors house cause I couldn't get him back in the cage.

Near the end of that week got sick, so I had to take a vacation day to take the dog to the vet. worse the neighbor still owes me $200. I'm sure it's just an oversight of the neighbors but rather than ask for it back I just use it and all the fun I had each and every time I even think I want a pet.(or babysitting one) Hee hee hee, so you see some good does come out of those things.