Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ain't Nothin' But a (Blue Suede) Hound Dog

My friend Shannon’s son Zachary is in the first grade. When she got home yesterday, he had been playing outside with the dog. He was filthy and muddy and the lower part of his face around his mouth was a lovely shade of blue. I pictured something like what a vampire would look like if it attacked a Smurf.

Deciding to overlook Zach’s Technicolor mouth and general dirt incrustation, Shannon went outside. In the backyard, she saw their dog which was obviously not well in the same bright blue sort of way.

Shannon asked, “Zach, what’s wrong with Ben?”

“Well,” Zach offered, “The water hose is all the way in the front yard and I knew Ben was thirsty and, let’s just say, I found out you can’t give Blue Gatorade to a dog.”