Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Who's That Girl?

There used to be a club here in Beaumont called Main Street. It was one club but it consisted of three different venues. One was a country bar, one was a karioke bar and the other was a dance club. My sisters and I have different tastes in music and one night Bonnie wanted to go to the country bar but I wanted to stay in the dance club. Because they were bored and probably trying to ditch their husbands, Melissa and Terry went with Bonnie to the country bar across the way.

Bonnie had imbibed a few cocktails so she was thinking she was looking pretty cute and that she was just about drunk enough to do a really smooth Electric Slide. As Bonnie was perfecting one of her more intricate moves, she stepped on her own foot and fell flat on her ass. (I sure wish I had seen that.)

Melissa, being a good friend, punched Terry and said, "Oh my God! Do you think she's okay?"

Terry said, "I don't know. Maybe."

"Go help her!" Melissa choked out between waves of laughter.

Terry said, "Hell no! People will know she's with us!"

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