Friday, January 07, 2005

Blog Explosion Voting: The Outcome So Far

Seriously folks, my last post wasn't a sneaky way to beg for votes (Re: 1 Star Voting Blog Haters) but I thank you for them. The outcome so far? When I posted that article, I had 46 votes and a 7.38 rating. I now have 89 votes and a 7.15 rating. The fact that it's gone down is not the point of this note (softly weeping). My point is that while the number of votes has almost doubled, my rating has stayed about the same. I've had a lot of nice people say they've given me 10's so that means a lot of people rated me very low with, I'm sure, a smattering of 1's (weeping harder now).

I think my nefarious plan is working (evil laughing through the tears)!

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