Sunday, April 03, 2005

Who Perry?

Last night was once again tribute band night at Antone's. Image 6 (a local band) opened for Escape, a Journey tribute band. This was our second time to see them and my previous review is here.

As the night went on, and the bourbon (John) and cranberry/Stolies (me) flowed, we became Perry confused. So, for posterity, and to clear my foggy head this morning (damn! I lost an hour and it's almost noon) I present a Perry glossary:

  • Luke Perry - Beverly Hills 90210 fame
  • Rick Perry - governor of Texas (As we were trying to sort out Perrys, I said, "Isn't Rick Perry a politician or something?" Damn Stolichnaya.)
  • Joe Perry - guitarist for Aerosmith
  • Steve Perry - lead singer for Journey (hence the beginning of our inebriated confusion)
  • Steve Tyler - lead singer for Aerosmith (Steve Tyler makes the list, and added to the confusion, by association with Joe Perry and a common first name with Steve Perry)

Any questions? Anyone? Anyone?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Perry Mason, who put rats in Sing Sing.

Laurie said...

John's a lawyer and I'm a paralegal. How did we miss that one?

Astrid said...

Perry Ellis, isn't that a clothing-line or something?

Laurie said...

Astrid - That's right. There are lots more Perrys than I realized. No wonder I was confused.