Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tax Day Pop Quiz

  1. How many of the local news stations will have a reporter stationed at the post office tomorrow, April 15th, to catch all of the last minute income tax filers mailing their returns? Answer: All of them.
  2. How many of those reporters will be asking the same insipid, inane and asinine questions of those late filers that they ask every year? Answer: All of them.
  3. How many of those same reporters will go home and question their career choice? Answer: All of them.


OldRoses said...

Those are great "things to wonder about". I'm jealous I didn't think of them first! I'm so hooked on your blog. Miss New Orleans and coffee: perfect together.

Glod said...

Oh dear.

Mark Alread said...

4. How many want to take the "Action News Mobile News Van" and ram at full speed one of those big blue post office mailboxes stuffed with tax returns scattering peoples personal tax info to the four corners and freaking out a huge majority of their watchers. Hey people do strange things on april 15th.

Laurie said...

Old Roses - How nice it is to be someone's addiction. I've been called worse.

Glod - Indeed.

Mark - I hate to say, that would be pretty cool. Somebody like those guys on Jackass should do that with a fake mail box next April 15th. You need to write a letter.

Danno said...

You're right, that is so funny. Local News Stations are bottom feeders. I always think of the movie Groundhog Day when I watch these clowns reporting on Tax day or something similar.

Laurie said...

Danno - Groundhog Day, another great movie.

Danno - Groundhog Day, another great movie.

Danno - Groundhog Day, another great movie.