Monday, April 04, 2005

My Brother's New Dog

My brother and his family have a new dog. Here's Kim's e-mail describing their newest family member:

  • His name is "Punkin" and we got him from the Bentonville Animal Shelter (the day before they were to put him to sleep). We think he's adorable!!!! He is a Shih Tzu, and we have no idea how old he is. He weighs 18 lbs. and is house broken. He earned a lot of points when the doorbell rang and he didn't bark!!! Yeah!!!!
*Pic* Stu, Christian and Punkin Posted by Hello


Anne said...

What a cutie! And Punkin is a perfect name, I think :)

Laurie said...

I can't wait to see him in person.

PJ said...

My dog, Oscar, looks a lot like your brother's. Mines a lasapoo. See him at following: