Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tombstone Terry-tory

I've told you before that my family has an odd sense of humor. For a good 20 minutes at our annual family Easter crawfish boil, we riffed on what would be on my sister Terry's tombstone. Here are some of the best that I remember:

  • I'm done.
  • I told you I was sick.
  • That's all I got.
  • Last call.
  • Somebody order pizza for the kids.
  • Heaven looks a lot like New Orleans.
  • Hell smells a lot like New Orleans.
  • I just need to lay down for a minute.
  • It was Dan's fault. (Dan's her husband of 23 years if you hadn't guessed.)
  • Hey, my foot doesn't hurt anymore.
  • What do you mean there's no beer in Heaven?
  • What do you mean there's no beer in Hell?


Glod said...

Not as strange as my sense of humour.

Helen said...

Very, very funny! And I DO know what it means to miss New Orleans. Spent a few years there back in the 80's. Love the song, too!
Nice blog.

Laurie said...

Glod - I've seen your blog. You would love my family.

Helen - Thanks for the compliments. New Orleans is a special place.

Ed Abbey said...

Like your family, it seems I fall into the odd humor category. Because I have thought that nobody would get my humor, or that it would be woefully out of date before I am dead for any length of time, I have decided to just get cremated and have my remains spread out here and there.

Astrid said...

It is pretty morbid, but still, I laugh ... and tell Terry that the pizza is on the way! Her total is $10.99.

Laurie said...

Ed - I say you should go for the clever tombstone. Or how about a crazy video? Hmmm, I need to start working on mine.

Astrid - I'll pass the word. You can put the pizza on my debit card.

Glod said...

I love your family already, especially the long mismatched arms.