Monday, April 25, 2005

Old (Lady) Joke

Two little old ladies were sitting on a hard park bench.

One leaned over to the other and said, "We've been sitting here so long, my butt is going to sleep."

"I know," replied her companion, "I heard it snore three times."

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Minda31180 said...

That is absolutely hilarious. I'll have to tell that to my mom since she could be one of those little old ladies.

jj said...

Lol, that's so funny!

Vettacini Sheppard said...

Now that's frickin' funny.

I decided I need to blog today. I saw a girl with very pointy shoes on this morning and it's really getting to me.

Vettacini, work wife to JT Wonder Girl

Lorna said...

I have to stop reading your blog when I'm within a few feet of coffee....

Jilly said...

Very good!

Laurie said...

Minda - Stand very far away when you tell that to your mom.

JJ - I thought so, too. I liked the picture better than the joke.

DB - How do they wear those things?

Lorna - Oops, I owe you another shirt.

JJ - That is a good one, isn't it?