Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Step Away From the Sushi

One of the teasers on the CBS Evening News tonight regarding a story they will have tomorrow night stated that fish may be intelligent and insinuated that this might change the eating habits of humans. I didn't realize that intelligence was supposed to be the criteria for deciding what and what not to eat. If that's the case, I know a few humans who better be real happy that cannibalism is taboo.

Carnivore that I am, the memory of Arnold Ziffle has never kept me from enjoying a nice pork loin or Easter ham. I also once saw a chicken in Arkansas that could play tic-tac-toe which has never affected my yen for a great big plate of General Tso's. So, I'm guessing the possible intelligence of fish won't factor into my menu choice the next time I'm at Pappadeaux's.

Sorry Charlie.

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Clublint said...

Imagine the furor if vegetables were suddenly thought of as 'intelligent' too.

The way I see it, if a fish is dumb enough to get caught, it's fair game for the dinner plate.


Rik said...

Remember Dennis Leary's famous bit about "Dolphin Safe Tuna"?

Everybody's worried about the dolphins, oh the poor dolphins, they're so cute and smart...but screw the tuna, they taste better!

So true...


Tanda said...

Hey, will you send me a 1-2 sentence description of your site? I have a new feature on my blog and I want to add you on.



Jen said...

Jack Handey once said, "If trees could scream, do you think we would be so cavalier as to cutting them down? Maybe if they screamed all the time for no good reason."

Glod said...

I've eaten whale with out even thinking about the intelligence, so I guess I won't care either. Reminds me of the law of consevation of spelling errors. Betty was a New Caledonian crow who could fashion a wire hook to obtain food, thus proving their superior intellect to chimps. The Observer published a story about a New Caledonian cow called Betty, who could fashion a hook for obtaining food from a wire and was smarter than a chimp.

panthergirl said...

This cracked me up, because my son had a field trip to our local aquarium today and complained that he felt guilty eating the lunch I had packed for him:

A tuna sandwich.

(surfed in through BE, btw)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Laurie: I think that story is going to start a run on sweetbreads. Intelligence by osmosis, as it were.

Laurie said...

Club Lint - I try not to think about the catching or whatever else it takes to get the food to my plate. Blissful denial.

Rik - I love Dennis Leary. I do remember the dolphin/tuna thing. He cracks me up.

Tanda - I sent you an e-mail. Thanks!

Jen - I live near a railroad crossing. A little tree screaming would be a nice change.

Glod - Oh my God! I can picture people scratching their heads trying to visualize a cow shaping a wire. That's funny.

Panthergirl - I read (or heard) a comedian say they won't order fish at an aquarium cafeteria because they fear they may be eating a slow learner.

Old Horsetail - I think I'll just live with my short term memory loss. Thanks anyway.

Zina said...

ok, as I was trying to come up with something smart ass to say, my roommate started rambling a few funnies...

What happenes with the fish if we don't eat them?

well, wouldn't that be considered "brain food"?
Oh yeah....she's running a fever. Which has made her funnier than usual. Maybe I should make her a tuna sandwich.

HOWEVER, Jessica Simpson would be a case against tuna being brain food

Laurie said...

Zina - give Maria a couple of Tylenol, write down everything she says and e-mail them to me for future blogging.