Monday, April 18, 2005


Anyone care to guess what the picture above is? If you don't know, you'll never guess. I was eating cashews yesterday and I realized I didn't know what a cashew looked like in the wild. So, of course, I had to look it up. I'm a big looker-upper although I guess the proper term would be a Google-er.

The picture above is a cashew (the part on the bottom). The fruit at the top is called a crab apple and they rot almost immediately after they're picked so they aren't marketed commercially. Only the cashews are harvested.

I had no idea. Ever since I've seen that picture, I haven't eaten another cashew. Perhaps if I could see a picture of a Krispy Kreme coming out of a baboon's ass, I could resist those, too.

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Dr. Sauce said...

Hahaha Laurie, that was great. I thought they were bell peppers with some kind of curly brown worm infestation.

I'm also an officially addicted Googl-er. I bet they have a club for that.

And I can safely say that I'll never, ever eat a cashew again... at least for awhile. You may want to see some Krispy-Kreme-baboon-Olympics, but the next step for me is some Ice-Cream-elephant-Olympics.

cookie jill said...

I thought it was an illustration of two bell peppers.

I'll still eat cashews, though, cuz I just love'm!

And...don't get me started on the type of coffee that is "roasted" via the entrails of monkeys....

Abby Taylor said...

Your Krispy Kreme line is friggin' hilarious. hahahahhaha I thank you for the big laugh, and I thank Krispy Kreme for my big hips.

Marinade Dave said...

Growing up in NJ, we had crab apples everywhere. I never knew that cashews came from an apple's butt.

I, too, looked up Pink Freud yesterday. I swear, I thought it was my own idea. Oh well.

Thanks for thinking about Bud. I'll poot, I mean toot on 10 passing through.

sophmom said...

I love nuts, but have never cared for cashews. Now I know why. Thanks for enlightening me. :)

Tanda said...

I'm a Yahoo-er myself. That's just a gross pic, but nice investigative work! Kudos.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

For a picture of a Krispy Kreme coming out of a baboon's ass, go to www. (oh, the hell with it; I can't do that to you)

Carolyn said...

Blogging by and had to stop. Yes, seeing that Krispy Creme would do me in too, lol! You may be on to the next big diet answer here.

Crazy Like A Fox said...

Mmmmm...pass the cashews please.

Laurie said...

Dr. Sauce - We can start a club. We'll be the Googlers.

Cookie Jill - Okay, now you know I have to look up the monkey entrail thing. Damn!

Abby - The guy who used to bring Krispy Kreme donuts to work every Friday now brings Einstein Bagles. Still yummy but not quite the same.

Marinade Dave - Pink Freud WAS your idea. Somebody just thought of it first. Feel free to fart in our general direction on your way to H-town.

Sophmom - Excellent Sixth Sense on the cashew thing. I wonder what other disgusting things I'm eating and don't know it.

Tanda - I guess I watch too much Court TV and CSI.

Old Horsetail Snake - Who am I kidding. It would take more than a baboon's ass to keep me away from the deliciousness of a warm Krispy Kreme.

Carolyn - We could call it the The Baboon Butt-kins Diet.

Crazy - Here you go. You can have mine.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Cashews grow in Belize. I know several Belizean folks, and they all missed the fruit because it was so good (but supposedly the juice stains clothes permanently).
Another odd fact about cashews is that you won't ever find them with shells because a by product from the shell's oil can be made into a deadly poison.
Additionally, poison oak, ivy and sumac belong to the cashew family.

ParaTed2k said...

That's just Nuts!! ;~D

I wonder if the people who won't eat cashews after seeing this pic realize that alcohol is just the urine of various microscopic lifeforms! ;~D

That pic kind of reminds me of the joke about what the first person to eat a hens egg said, "See that chicken, I'm going to eat the first thing that plops out of it!"

As for Krispie Kreme's & Baboons, I'd still eat 'em!! I'd still drink Mt. Dew if the same Baboon pissed it out too! Call me a sickie!! ;~D

Astrid said...

They kinda look like peppers to me, but I don't find them disgusting-looking, so since you are not eating any more of those cashews, can I then have them?

Laurie said...

Mark - I gotta try some of that fruit. Somebody who left a Halo comment said the same thing.

Parated - I guess if I'm going to keep drinking, I just has soon keep eating eggs and Krispie Kremes

Astrid - It's not the peppers/crabapples that look disgusting, it's the cashews that appear to be coming out of their butts. Anyway, I got over it and I'm back eating the cashews. Sorry, you'll have to buy your own. :)