Monday, January 21, 2008

More Keywords

Recent keyword searches that brought people to this blog:

    Excuse me? You were looking for what?
  • arkansas tooth pick penile bone

  • From Bryan, Texas, where I suppose this is a problem:
  • can you carry leatherman in car

  • The word you're looking for is "recipe."
  • marijuana brownie receipt

  • chow mein receipt

  • tater tot receipt (twice!)

  • Marital woes:
  • why he farts at night

  • my wife never loved me

  • Charles or Marilyn? I don't suppose it matters really. Either way, you're creepy.
  • how to look like manson

  • Butt?
  • rectal thermometer sex (Note: I get at least one search for this every day.)

  • serpository (Note: That would be "suppository" to you.)

  • Automotive:
  • turn the key car i hear click click click

  • This one could be interpreted in a couple of different ways.
  • best female asshole of the year

  • Troublemaker?
  • cap theater guns noise making


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're definitely not the best female asshole of the year.

Alyson said...

That's so funny! How do you find out that info?

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

I always get people searching for stuff like "june cleaver naked spanked." Blasphemers!


pokerboss said...

No, I really lost my Tater Tot receipt and now those assholes (male or female, I don't know) at Ore-Ida won't give me my fucking rebate.

40 Forever said...

How funny! I think I stumbled upon your site when I was looking for info about Beaumont.

Laurie said...

Popeye - Thanks! :)

Alyson - Put Statcounter on your blog (

Jen - No!

Pokerboss - Bastards!

40 Forever - I was wondering about that. :)

Leslie said...

You get the best searches.

Grimm said...

Rectal Thermometer Sex - For when you HAVE to know just how hot you're getting.

Sudiegirl said...

BTW..."leatherman" is a brand of all purpose cutting tool (box cutter & knife, I think...)

so I guess that's the deal with that question!

Leon J. de la Garza said...

hehe.. always fun to see those things...

weird people...!

by the way, not that it matters to you or anyone around here, nor is this related to this post..

but i just wanted to say im really excited because i'm planning on starting a masters degree on artificial intelligence next year :D

Alyson said...

I've had statcounter all along and didn't even realize it did that! I know, amateur! Anyway, the searches for my blog weren't nearly as funny or naughty. The weirdest one was "jack-in-the-box big head son" from someone out of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department. I don't know what in the world that is supposed to mean.

Laurie said...

Leslie - I know, huh!

Grimm - Hahahahahaa!!!

Sudie - Ah ha.

Leon - Congratulations! That's great. I'm glad to have someone who will know what to do when the automatons turn against us.

Alyson - Oh, that's a good one!