Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Got the Power

Sometimes my mind goes to a scary place. As I was sitting at the front of the line at a traffic light a short while ago, it occurred to me that I had a certain amount of power over every car behind me for the next several minutes.

Whatever I did or didn't do could influence not only their morning but, possibly, their whole day. If you extend that thought, any hesitation by me whether of one minute or three, could have affected someone's whole life (if they were fired for being late, got into a wreck further up the road) or the entire universe, for that matter, with one giant ripple effect.

I drove forward when the light changed, but, still...think about it.

Edited to add (this is the WEIRD part):
Shortly after I wrote this post, I found out that a girl I work with had a fender bender at the same light I wrote the above post about. It happened about ten minutes after I was at the light. However, I stand by my theory that, had I hesitated even thirty seconds after the light turned green, it might have totally changed that event, for better or worse.

Did I have a premonition of her accident?



George said...

You ARE scary and powerful . . . but still afraid of a mouse

Jaded said...

WOW, I'm telling you, sometimes you remind me so much of myself it's a little scary. YES you may have had a premonition, do you see any lottery winnings for me in the future?

Laurie said...

George - Very true.

Jaded - Absolutely. :)

Lorna said...

Isn.t this where a butterfly in Papua New Guinea beats his wings and you win a million dollar lottery?

Don't I link with you? It's my intention to link with you. psychicallly.

Leslie said...

Dave and I were just talking about this very thing the other day! It's part of his movie idea. You know, if he ever got to make a movie.

Laurie said...

Lorna - Yes, on both counts.

Leslie - It sounds like a great premise.