Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jack is my Hero

I was leaving Sam's last night and decided to stop at Jack in the Box on my way home. All the way there, I tried to decide what would be the healthiest thing to order. I had to be prepared, because the last time I drove through Jack in the Box, I panicked under the pressure of a car pulling into the drive-thru behind me and ordered the Ultimate Cheeseburger.

I pulled up to the menu board and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a fabulous picture of GRILLED CHICKEN STRIPS with teriyaki dipping sauce. I ordered the chicken strips, the Jack in the Box guy asked if I wanted the teriyaki dipping sauce (isn't that the whole point?), I said "yes" and ordered a chicken fajita pita, too, just in case.

The strips were delicious as was the pita for a grand total of about 550 calories and practically fat free. Not too shabby for fast food.


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Yummm. Teriyaki chicken strips sounds really good right now.

George said...

Yeah, but an Ulimate Cheeseburger IS an ultimate cheeseburger.

40 Forever said...

I wish we had a Jack in the Box! I just consumed about 2,500 calories at Starbucks this morning.

Alyson said...

This is so funny, but I blogged about Jack in the Box today too! I'm the junk food queen and miss my good ol' Jack in the Box tremendously! New Englanders aren't as into fast food, I guess.

Johnny Bravo said...

I usually just get 8 taco's , large fries, & a fish sandwich.
Dang it! I like the tacos!

Laurie said...

Just... - They were SO good!

George - Yeah, all 1000 calories and 71 grams of fat of Ultimate. (I'm not making that up.)

40 Forever - I had to cut myself off from the fantastic coffee shop across the street from my office. If I ever get back in the 130s again, I'm going to reward myself.

Alyson - I love fast food, too. Jack in the Box and Sonic are my favorites.

Johnny Bravo - I almost got a taco last night but that would have sort of defeated my purpose. Hmmmm...lunch tomorrow?

Grimm said...

I have this terrible feeling I would be about 100 pounds heavier if there was a Jack In The Box around here.

And that is just plain scary.

Laurie said...

Grimm - It's not easy to stay away from there.