Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm off!

I'm off to Baton Rouge for the fabulous wedding of the fabulous Jen. I booked myself a room for after the reception Saturday night overlooking the Mississippi River between two casinos.

I'll post pictures soon of the wedding and of me with my huge ass check that the casino will give me for winnning my jackpot.



Laurie's Mom said...

Hi Daughter, have a wonderful trip and a Great Time and tell Jen and her hubby we wish them the best. Have fun.

40 Forever said...

Have a great time, Laurie!

Leslie said...

Have a good time!

Lorna said...

If I were you, and i am, I would have written "huge-ass-check"

Have a good time.

Mrs. E. said...

Laurie!!!! I was so happy you were there with us last night! Once I get some good pics of us together, I'll be sure to post one up! :)

I love you!

Laurie said...

Mom, 40, Leslie and Lorna - It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen - Love you, too! I had an amazing time!!!!!!!!!! Becca and I are already planning a trip to see you guys. I guess we'll bring Todd, too. :)