Saturday, May 21, 2005

Two Things I Forgot to Mention

Two things I forgot to mention about last night:
  • At some point, I was standing right in front of the DJ booth and this chick runs off the dance floor straight toward me at top speed with fire in her eyes. Turns out, the DJ had just asked a trivia question and was giving away some sort of prize. Scared me to death. I thought she had mistaken me for someone who killed her dog or something.

  • As Bonnie and I were walking to the restroom, she said something to me and I stopped, took half a step back to talk to her and almost bumped into a guy who was standing there with his girlfriend. I didn't come close to touching him. 99% of men would have grabbed me, smiled real big and said *whoops* or something equally colorful. This asshole said, "EXCUSE ME!" very loudly and very rudely with this horribly mean look on his face. I have a rule to stay away from assholes and drunks in bars but it took everything I had to not go back over there and ask him what his problem was. Had he never been in a bar before? If you're going to sit in a chair right by where people are walking, in a bar, you're going to get jostled a bit. I assumed he was wanting to pick a fight with someone, but a girl?! What an idiot.


Deek Deekster said...

You should have said, with a serious look on your face, "I'm VERY sorry, but I am not qualified to excuse you. I can refer you to a professional. Will it be sexual, religious or legal you are after?"

Laurie said...

Deek - Perfect! I'll TRY to use that next time but keep in mind that I have a slooow Texas drawl. By the time I get through the first five words or so, I will have already been punched.

Vettacini Sheppard said...

Boy I wished I would've been there. I love to ask assholes like that what the hell their problem is. But of course, at the time I think I'm ten feet tall and bullet proof.

Laurie said...

DB - Girl, I wish you have been there, too. That would have been something to see. And, if you had Kaveman with you?! I don't even want to think about it.