Thursday, May 05, 2005

Turkey Hair

Turkey Hair - Morning hair that is flat in the back from sleeping on it but still high on the top from hairspray and teasing because the hair was not brushed before going to bed.
Example (and origination of the term): The video, that dad took Thanksgiving morning 1973 at 5:00 a.m., of mom putting the Thanksgiving bird in the oven showed mom's turkey hair.

A few weeks ago after work, some of us went to Chula Vista for $2 margaritas. The margaritas and the food were very good. We sat on the patio which was shaded and had a wonderful breeze blowing through. It was a nice leisurely change of pace from the crowds downtown.

After a couple of hours and a couple of margaritas, it was time to head home for American Idol. On the way home, I noticed a guy in the car next to me checking me out. After two margaritas, I was feeling the love. At the next stop light, I casually looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back and sped away from the light.

After he pulled away, I pulled down my visor to see just how good I was looking and there it was. The wonderful breeze on the patio had given me a disturbingly huge case of turkey hair.

Can you feel the love?


OldRoses said...

I get the disappearing bangs on windy days.

Le laquet said...

Chortle! Made me laugh and laugh! Yes turkey hair has lived at my house a time or two!


susannah said...

Hey - I just stumbled on your blog - I have tremendous amounts of hair and have experienced turkey hair a few times...

Also on the quest for the perfect margarita! :) Cheers.

Lorna said...

turkey hair? Up here, in the land of the -30 degree Celsius winter, we get hat-head and in the summer, when it's stinking, humid hot, we get swamp-head. Turkey sounds good to me.

I, however, am exempt.

Laurie said...

Old Roses - Bangs (especially hairsprayed ones) can be a real problem on windy days.

Le Laquet - The first step is admitting it.

Susannah - Cheers!

Lorna - With all the cowboy hats and baseball caps down here, it's possible to know a man for years before seeing him without his hat and then not recognizing him when you do see him without it. That has actually happened to us many times.