Saturday, May 21, 2005

Earl Thomas Conley Review

This is one of my reviews done while intoxicated in which, if I make no errors, I f**king rock. Please do not compare it to Wang Chi's brilliantly written, presumably sober, reviews of Al Stewart concerts.

Baby Sis, Bonnie, is here to assist me. She has a bad case of the New Orleans hiccups but she is endeavoring to persevere. However, she is currently watching George Harrison and Eric Clapton sing Tax Man on VH1 Classics so she isn't being of much help.

Tonight, Bonnie and I saw Earl Thomas Conley (ETC - I call him ETCetera) at Wild Bill's. Earl looked f**ked up but he sounded great. However, his stage banter sounded disturbingly similar to Boomhauer of King of the Hill.

Bonnie and I staked out a position stage left, beside the hot lead guitar player. Second lead guitar was sporting a semi-mullet and beared an uncanny resemblance to Travis Tritt. The drummer, however, had a sexy Johnny Lang sort of vibe going on and I immediately fell in love (lust). He was my focal point for the evening. (The bass player and the keyboard player were on the other side of the stage so I have no comment on those guys. )

I thought Earl sounded wonderful, even from our unfortunate choice of non-geometrically (speaker wise) positioned vantage point. However, the Jagermeister shots might have had something to do with our impression of Earl's vocals. Plus, Bonnie had an additional shot of Tuaca so she thought it was all good.

It was a great crowd and we danced our @$$es off. Sometimes, country rocks. The sad part is that I know that tonight's concert will somehow get mixed up in my brain with the Pat Green concert and the John Conlee concert and the Charlie Robison concert and the Johnny Lee concert and all of the other honky tonk concerts I've seen. Well, for tonight anyway, I'm happy.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.


Larry Jones said...

I'm still having trouble with the way you treated the Boy Toy. You could have at least brought him along on this evening's outing, couldn't you? Poor, shattered thing.

Trudge said...

Another great post.

Laurie said...

Larry - I thought my male blogger friends were uncharacteristically quiet (comment wise) on the subject of the Boy Toy.

Do you guys really think I was mean?

Trudge - Thanks.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

No, you weren't mean! Do men really expect us to sit around on our hands waiting for them all day??? Ridiculous.

Laurie said...

Jen - That's what I was thinking at the time.

OldRoses said...

Um, my experience has been that they don't expect us to sit around waiting for then so much as they just don't realize how long it takes us to get ready to go out. It's no problem for them to do stuff last minute. They don't seem to know that last minute for us is a few hours longer.

Laurie said...

Old Roses - I think you're right. He did seem genuinely surprised.

Zina said...

That is not a concert line up I would brag about. That is like a blast from my mama's past.

Laurie said...

Zina - Your mama was probably with me at some of those concerts!