Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Taking a Few of Blogging Days Off

Sunday, I went to Lowe's with mom and dad and Bonnie. While looking at gas grills, I somehow injured my right shoulder. It was a cute little grill for just $99 and the perfect size for my patio. When I went to close the lid, it was heavier than I expected and, so as not to make a scene, I somehow jammed my shoulder. The thing is, I wasn't even shopping for a grill. I don't even want a grill but, by God, I might go back and buy the bastard now just so I can get something out of this ordeal.

My shoulder hurts like hell. The doctor says I have *traumatic bursitis*. Every trip to the bathroom its own little adventure in ergonomics. Driving my car is frighteningly suspenseful but manageable as long as I don’t use 5th gear and this mouse action is killing me.

Plus, the doctor put me on a pretty high dosage of Prednisone for the next five days and if I start having mood swings, I don’t want to run my mouth off on this blog and tell you people more than I want you to know. There’s plenty of archived stuff here to keep you guys busy for a few days.

I leave you with this quote:
  • Anything can happen to me tomorrow, but at least nothing more can happen to me yesterday. Ashleigh Brilliant


Your 70 year old Mom said...

Hi Dear, Is it the shoulder you hurt on the bus in Las Vegas? I remember the pain you had then and had to wait till we got home to see a doctor. Las Vegas is the last place you want Pain like that, can't play the slots. Get Well Soon. Mom

Laurie said...

Mom - Same shoulder. Sorry I didn't call you but I knew you would want to trade cars and do my wash and dust my furniture...wait a minute...why DIDN'T I call you?

It's much better now!

In Vegas that time, I remember having to use my left arm to pull the arm on the slots and push the buttons and I remember someone at The Sands wanting to stamp my right hand for something and I couldn't get it up on the counter. Good times, good times.