Saturday, May 21, 2005

Spend That Overtime

I decided the best way to make the most out of having to go into work this afternoon was to go to Best Buy and blow the overtime on CD's and DVD's. Here's what I bought:


  • Green Day/American Idiot
  • Collective Soul/7even Year Itch
  • Foo Fighters/The Coulour and the Shape
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers/Greatest Hits
  • Earl Thomas Conley/The Essential Earl Thomas Conley

DVDs (I guess I was in a trendy, Sundance-y, self-indulgent kind of mood):

  • Closer
  • Garden State
  • Sideways
  • Napoleon Dynamite

I'm going to put on a pot of coffee and have me a little film festival. The last time I tried to watch Napoleon Dynamite, it put me straight to sleep; hence, the pot of coffee. If the mood strikes me, I'll post reviews, but don't hold your breath on that one.


fav file clerk said...

I love Green Day's American Idiot album. Wake Me Up When September Ends is my favorite! Tell me if you made it through Napoleon. I quit watching it too. Go listen to Green Day and rock out in your bedroom like I do and make up cool new dance moves in front of the mirror! ;) (yep, i am that cool) hardy har har.

DaFFy said...

Hi there! Just surfed in through BE - glad someone else thinks like I do about overtime money - spend it on yourself and make it worthwhile. Love the Green Day album.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Is "Sideways" the prequel to:

"No Way"?


"Way, Dude"?

Joey said...

Not seen any of the movies, but I can guarantee you'll enjoy the Green Day, Foo Fighters and RHCP CDs. By the way, I love your favourite saying!

Jen T. (that's me) said...

I love Garden State! Zach Braff is a great talent. :)

Napoleon Dynamite was so weird that you have to think it's funny. At first, Brian and I just looked at each other and said, "what?" as the credits rolled, but the more time that passes, the funnier I think it is. :)

And always remember...

"Pedro's got your back."

Laurie said...

Fav File Clerk - I fell asleep AGAIN during Napoleon Dynamite. I had to finish watching it this morning. I thought it was great, but I'm just that cool. :)

Daffy - I haven't listened to the Green Day CD, yet. I'm bringing it with me to work tomorrow so I can have a happy Monday.

Old Horsetail - You've been watching Entertainment Tonight again, haven't you?

Joey - Thank you on the favorite saying. It just fits me. Regarding the CD's, I can't wait to listen to them. They are going to be my treat for going to work tomorrow.

Jen T. - Vote for Pedro! Gosh!!

Rik said...

I thought Napolean Dynamite was unbelievably stupid - but that dance he does in the end made the whole movie worth the price of the rental. I laughed so freaking hard at that. I need to get an MPEG of that...

Sideways was a GREAT movie. Of course, it helps to have at least a basic appreciation and knowledge wine (that doesn't sound TOO snobby, does it?).


Ed Abbey said...

Loved Sideways also and I know squat about wine. That has definitely been my favorite movie of the year by a long shot.

Laurie said...

Rik - I didn't appreciate Napoleon Dynamite until the movie was over. Every now and then it pops into my head and I have to laugh. I still haven't seen Sideways. It's sitting on my ottoman taunting me.

Ed - I might have to pop it into the old DVD tonight.

Lorna said...

I took Green Day to the gym in January and they haven,t been out of my CD player since.
Napoleon D takes thinking, but Sideways is wonderful---we always knew that Sandra Oh was something to be reckoned with. And the guys are just like evrybody you know and mostly love, but they get so tiremsome... Garden State is a small wonder---you done good wasting your $$$

Zina said...

Ok, Being such a movie critic...I liked Napoleon but only after the 2nd or third time. It is an acquired taste.
Sideways SUCKS! Sorry I just did NOT like that movie.
Loved Garden State and CLOSER.

Love the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Another new one that is great is Rob Thomas' new one. (he's the lead singer from Matchbox 20.)
Let me know if the Foo Fighters CD is any good.

Laurie said...

Lorna - I love the Green Day. All of the CD's I bought are great. I still haven't watched all the movies.

Zina - I'll let you know what I think of Sideways after I watch it. I love Rob Thomas. I'll have to put that on my list for next time.

Golf Grouch said...

I didn't get Napolean either. I found the deadpan acting just annoying.

I didn't like Garden State, but I liked Sideways and Closer.

Zina said...

The thing about Napoleon Dynamite that you have to remember is that the movie was written by the director and his wife who are both mormons. Who knew they had such a sense of humor. Besides, Pedro is great!
OH YEAH...I have some official Napoleon Dynamite chap stick and a watch that says "IDIOT". (I love being in the "movie business".) My employees LOVED this movie. They could quote every line by heart. Many of them think this is the Rocky Horror for their generation....what can I say...they're a bunch of teenagers.

Laurie said...

Grouchy - I still haven't watched any of the movies except Napoleon Dynamite. I can't wait to watch them after all the different comments.

Zina - The more I think about Napoleon Dynamite, the more I think I liked it. I'm a teenager at heart.