Friday, May 27, 2005

Damn Steroids - Part 2

I'll be 50 in September and I've always said that when things start sagging, I won't be embarrassed to have a little nip, nip here and a little tuck, tuck there and it won't be a secret. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, it won't be done on a secret trip to the Caribbean. I'm taking out ads in the newspaper and putting up a billboard on Dowlen Road.

In the past, my only fear was that I might eventually end up looking like Priscilla Presley (seen her lately? Oh, my!) or Joan Rivers. I have a new one to add to that list: Burt Reynolds.


Pat Kirby said...

Mustn't forget the poster child for plastic surgery gone awry, Michael Jackson.

I suspect a little nip and tuck works out great. A long succession of nip-n-tucks? Not so great.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

If there's any chance for the Joan Rivers look, YOU MUST NOT ALLOW ONE SINGLE CUT ON YOUR BOD. Yike!

But why bother, Laurie. You'll always be pretty inside, which is what counts.

cookie jill said...

I am sure you can find a few others you don't want to look like at Awful Plastic Surgery

There ARE some dooseys..

Your 70 year old Mom said...

Hi Honey, I see you probably more then your Blog friends and you don't need a thing done. At 50 you look GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL. As your friend oldhorsetailsnake said, ever better you are pretty inside, where it counts. But I will back you up in what ever you do, even pay for your Dowlen Road sign. Love you.

Laurie said...

Pat - I left him off on purpose because he's just too freaky. The nose, the eyes, *shudder*!

Old Horsetail - You are such a sweetie. Here's another smooch blown at ya!

Cookie Jill - What did we do without the internet?

Mom - Thank you, mommy. It must be your good genes.

Laurie said...

Cookie Jill (part 2) - Oh my, God! Oh my, God! Tara Reid's stomach! Oh my, God!

Comfort Addict said...

I'm almost 50, too, although I'm a man. When I was in my twenties and thirties and saw fifty-somethings dying their hair and tucking their skin, I told myself that I would never take heroic measures to make myself look younger as I aged. Now, as I see discrimination against women and men for aging, I understand it.

I vote for little or no change to you. I have always appreciated older women and know other men who do, too. Old skin well earned can be beautiful - check out some French films to see a different treatment of older women. That said, it is completely your choice and I would support whatever choice you make.

Laurie said...

Comfort Addict - Hopefully, I still have a long time before making the decision. And, the odds of 1/2 of 1% of any of the men in Southeast Texas being familiar with French movies and the appreciation for older women found in them are quite slim. Thanks for your support!