Saturday, May 28, 2005

No Jive Train for Me Tonight

No Jive Train for me tonight:
  • One sister out of town
  • Other sister not in the mood
  • Fear of bumping formerly injured shoulder
  • Shouldn't drink on the Prednisone anyway


  • Watched Sideways
  • Watched Closer
  • Watched Garden State

Mini-reviews tomorrow. Just like Ebert's only worse.


Jack said...

You missed a good show. Poor old Wang had to watch it alone.

Laurie said...

Wang - If I had known I could have had you as a bodyguard, I might have ventured out. I should have e-mailed you. Damn! :)

former spongegirl said...

from what I "heard" you missed a good show and a surprise ;-) Though you reasons for not going sounded pretty valid to me.

Laurie said...

Former Spongegirl - I have the worst timing in the world. At least Hell's Bells will be here in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I'll get my surprise then. ;)