Thursday, May 26, 2005

Salle de Bains de Colombe (The Dove Crapper) - It Just Sounded Better in French

Who was I kidding? I knew I couldn’t stay away from here until Sunday. I'm the type who doesn't realize how sick I am or how much I hurt until I feel better and ZOWIE, do I feel better! Of course, it might be the mega-dose of steroids the doctor has me on that makes me think I feel so great, but, who cares? My shoulder hurt so bad Monday, that if he had told me, “Here, shoot this heroin. It’s all I got.” I would have said, “Pick a vein, dude.”

As promised, here is the picture of the chairs on my patio that the doves are using as their own personal outhouse. Last year, they only used the chair on the left. This year, however, since there are four of them rather than two, they have also designated the chair on the right as fair game. Perhaps one is for lady doves and the other is for the gentleman doves. I don't know. It's all just birdshit to me.

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Jen T. (that's me) said...

I don't know what's worse... your birdshit or my cat piss.

OldRoses said...

God, I know just what you mean. Brainiac here put her bird feeders right at the end of her driveway so that she could watch the birds from inside the house. They've turned my car into their private restroom. I swear, someday I'm gonna go out to my car and the birds will be sitting there with their feathers down around their ankles reading newspapers! I also think the guy that owns the local car wash is in on it somehow.

Laurie said...

Jen T. - Cat piss is pretty bad.

Old Roses - That's hilarious! Little bird feathers around their ankles!!! Hahahahahah!