Monday, May 23, 2005

Embarrassing Moment One and a Half

This isn't the other embarrassing moment that I had originally intended to post but my sister, Bonnie, reminded me of it in a comment on my previous embarrassing moment post. She later told me a part of the story that I didn't know until now.

After New Orleans and Las Vegas, my next favorite city is Galveston including the Crystal Beach area. We usually try to rent a beach cabin on Crystal Beach for a week every summer and there is absolutely nothing more relaxing. Crystal Beach has great little local bars and restaurants (Sharkey's, Stingaree, Mama Theresa's, Coba's). Yeah, it's time for a beach trip.

My embarrassing moment happened in Galveston. We had gone into Galveston which is across Galveston Bay from Crystal Beach. You get there by ferry which I also love. I don't remember why we were in Galveston but we had lunch (probably at Gaido's) and after we ate, we were standing around by the front door and I told Bonnie I had to use the restroom.

I went into the restroom and the first thing I noticed were urinals on the wall. It never occurred to me that I had accidentally walked into the Men's Room. I just wondered why there were urinals in the Ladies' Room. After about five seconds (a long time when standing in the restroom of the opposite sex), I realized what I had done and hauled ass out of there.

The part that Bonnie later told me about, which makes it even more embarrassing, is that my entire family saw me go into the Men's Room. They saw me. They discussed it ("Did Laurie just go into the Men's Room?" "Yep."). But, no one went in after me. They just stood there waiting for the punchline to my little impromptu joke.

I owe them one big time.


Jen T. (that's me) said...

Sorry to laugh, but that's hilarious. :)

Embarrassing, though, is when you almost burn down your boyfriend's house the first time you ever cook for him. Now every time I go near the stove his roommate sits the fire extinguisher on the counter. Hahaha. F**ker.

Crazy Like A Fox said...

I did that at school once when I was little. I think I cried.

Larry Jones said...

You wondered why there were urinals in the ladies room? What did you say you had for lunch?

Susan said...

Oh thank you Laurie!

I needed that laugh so bad.

I certainity I hope you checked out the action while you were in there and didn't waste the experience ;-)

I suspect my family would have reacted similiarly, even probably speculate as to why I went in there.
Of course they would expect I would be laughing and not be embarassed which would be true , unless I saw some action...

Michelle said...

Don't you love the way family looks out for you sometimes? LOL But I would think the urinals would have tipped you off. ;)

I did something like that when I was 8. We went to Montreal to visit my stepdad's family and I didn't speak French so at a restaurant, I went into the wrong bathroom. Hey I didn't know what the words meant. LOL

Ed Abbey said...

I did that once in a German restaurant in central Minnesota where they had the bathroom names written in German. (Did anyone suspect that a mostly Norwegian population might not know German?) Anyway, I had too much fine German beer to care so I just completed business and left.

On a related note, while at a neighboring towns annual summer celebration, I was using the mens restrooms which consisted of an 8 x 8 ft. shack with troughs running down three sides, a woman walked in very obviously inebriated. Despite the dozen of us standing around peeing into troughs, she proceeded to pull her pants down and let it fly (expertly I might say) into the trough beside me.

Marinade Dave said...

And I was just in Galveston. Darn.

Anonymous said...

ed- when I moved to MN I was told that it was 45% German, and 30% Scandanavian.

Laurie- I have walked into men's rooms intentational at times, making sure there are no men to embarass, occasionally I have made a mistake. When I was 12, I was running through the men's locker room at a club thinking there was no one in there because the gym and pool were closed. I literally ran smack into Mister Rogers, I was kind of shocked, he was in swim trunks, he shook his finger at men but seemed highly amused. It wasn't the only time I did that either ;-)

Anonymous said...

okay, I am still very sleepy, sorry for the typos.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yeah, I went into the Women's Room one time. Spotted a lady and said, "What are you doing in here?" The look on her face was enough to tell me who was the dummy.

MommaK said...

Here via Blog Explosion. Love your design:-)

Laurie said...

Jen - At least you cook.

Crazy - Oh, that would be bad at school.

Larry - Just lunch. At least if I'd had a cocktail, I would have had an excuse.

Susan - I hauled ass before I caught any action.

Michelle - That's what was so weird. I can still see myself standing there wondering why urinals were in the ladies' room.

Ed - I bet that woman had done that a time or two before.

Marinade Dave - Damn! That's right. Didn't you love it?

Anonymous - Great Mr. Rogers story!

Old Horsetail - Just like me! I guess I thought the restaurant had made a mistake putting urinals in the ladies' room.

MommaK - Thanks. Check out my sidebar for a link to Blogs Gone Wild.

Omma said...

That was soooo funny !!!! Family will let you walk around with your pantyhose tucked inside your dress and not tell you !!! They will get their's.
Thanks for sharing.

Good seeing your blog in bloggerville. We are almost neighbors on that street. My address is Yard Gnomes.
See ya at the block parties. :)

Laurie said...

Omma - That Bloggerville thing is cool. After some more blogs join, I'm going to put it on my sidebar.