Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Un-Bomber

Several years ago, not long after 9/11, we had a bomb scare here in Beaumont. Some alert children saw what appeared to be a pipe bomb in an intersection and called the police who sent out the bomb squad and evacuated a neighborhood.

We monitored the progress from our offices all day, following the regular updates closely. A special terrorist bomb squad from Houston was even called in. As it turned out, the alleged pipe bombs weren't bombs at all. However, according to the evening news, to be certain it wasn't a hoax in preparation for an actual bomb attack, a full investigation was going to be mounted.

As I was watching the evening news, Cory came in from the construction job he worked at while attending college. As he was crossing the living room, he abruptly stopped and asked, "Where was that?" I told him the neighborhood and he asked, "What did they find?" I told him that they had found some sections of pipe with duct tape on both ends at an intersection near a school. He asked, "How long did they say the pipe sections were?" I said, "Eighteen inches."
He said, "I made those."

I said, "WHAT?!"

He said, "My boss told me to cut several eighteen inch sections of pipe and duct tape both ends so they could be put into some foundation forms at the construction site at the school where we're working. Some of them must have fallen out of the back of his truck when we went to lunch. He drives like a maniac."

I told him he should call the authorities and he said he would talk to his boss first. I'm not sure if he ever spoke to his boss but we never received a visit from the authorities.

So, now it can be told, Beaumont. My son was the Beaumont Un-bomber. Is there a statute of limitations on un-bombing?


Peter said...

Wow, an un-bomber un-masked how very un-nerving for you Laurie, un-til Ooops we meet again.

Al said...

Laurie -
That's hysterical - does he have a hoodie and an un-manifesto

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Wow. That's crazy!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Cool. Now all he needs is some black powder, match heads and fuses, and he's all set.

Laurie said...

Peter - Un-less I see you first. ;)

Al - Un-doubtedly.

Jen - It was hilarious! We still laugh about that one.

Old Horsetail - I hope he didn't keep any of those things. Oh my.