Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Book of Daniel

Our local NBC affiliate (KBTV - 4) is one of four stations out of 230 NBC affiliates nationally who has taken it upon themselves to save my mortal soul by not airing The Book of Daniel.

I hadn't given any thought to whether or not I was actually going to watch this program until I found out that the decision had been made for me and the entire southeast Texas television viewing public. I cannot begin to fathom the arrogance of a station manager who arbitrarily makes the decision that I (along with 250,000 other southeast Texans) should not see this program. I haven't been told what I can and cannot watch on television since about 1963.

Whether or not this program is suitable for viewing is a decision to be made within each individual household. Next thing you know, these bastards are going to be telling us it's against the law to smoke marijuana in the privacy of our homes and that certain sexual acts between consenting adults are also illegal.


Lorna said...

took a couple of hours and caught up on your last two days of prestigious output. In reaction to a similar, yet Canadian, post, I saidÈ
I didn't see the show, although I had planned to. Instead I had a movie date....far less pleasant. It does seem like a paternalistic thing to decide not to air certain shows because of their so-called morality, but I have to admit I'm prejudiced. If I were a channel-owner, I'd be tempted to not show all the gratuitous violence shows, the racial and sexual stereotyping and the princessy shows for young girls. I'd be broke in no time....

I love the new picture by the way; so sassy yet behatted.

Jon said...

I to think it is ridiculous for the station manager to refuse to allow the viewers the opportunity watch the program. I am a neighbor of your to the north in Oklahoma and our locl affiliate fortunately didn't allow any personal views cloud his judgment and not let use decide for ourselves if we were going to watch it. I personally found it humorous and was entertained by the show. I was raised a Catholic by my parents and but I not offended by any of the themes in the show.

All you have to do is realize that it is meant to be enteraining and not meant to be a knock against Christ.

Laurie said...

Lorna - I think if you were the new station owner, you would make it known quite clearly how you felt about the programming but you would still leave it up to the public to decide. You have to keep yourself stocked with wine and chocolate and fabulous baubles and beads, you know.

Jon - It should definitely be left up to the individual to make the decision.

Tim said...

There's been a lot of traffic about this in the blogosphere. It seems some Catholics and Fundie Christians think the portrayal of Catholics and priests in this show is offensive and not at all based on reality.

Well they're right. But the network can't do a realistic portrayal because no one wants to watch gay priests playing in the rectory and pedophile priests offering communion to altar boys.

At least I know I don't.

Laurie said...

Tim - I finally read some newspapers yesterday and couldn't believe that was their objection. They weren't as concerned about the portrayal of Jesus as they were of the portrayal of Christians. Unbelievable!

Ed Abbey said...

Um... the show wasn't about Catholics or priests. Catholic priests can't marry and this one was definitely married and had kids.

I watched the show but found it boring and just an over-the-top version of Desperate Housewives. Even if my NBC affiliate continues to carry it, I won't be watching.

Laurie said...

Ed - At least your affiliate let you make your own decision.

Tim said...

Oops! He's an Episcopalian priest. Sorry about that.

"RC" or "C of E"? It's tatooed on the back of their necks!

Fayrouz said...


According to Yahoo TV guide, the show will air tonight at 9pm on NBC.

I'm not certain the guide is correct.

Laurie said...

Tim - Gotcha!

Fay - Thanks. The guide on Time-Warner says they're showing Star Trek instead. We shall see.