Saturday, January 07, 2006

Friday at the Dixie

I took this picture Friday night at the Dixie. Front row is my sister Bonnie, my sister Terry and my brother-in-law Dan's sister Christi. Back row is Terry's husband Dan, Christi's husband Jimmy and a guy who works with Dan and Jimmy.

Antone's was having a highly unorganized open mic night and the Black Cat was having Retro Disco night. I was very disappointed in the lack of direction at Antone's and there were about twelve people at the Black Cat. That left the Dixie which is always fun for people watching. I've never seen so many people having so much fun on the dancefloor. From where I was sitting, I could also look all the way across the huge dancefloor and see people trying to ride the mechanical bull. Just your typical Friday night in Beaumont.

A new guy attached himself to our group and he was an excellent country western dancer so I danced a lot more than I have in years. Now, I remember why I used to be skinny.

The night started out at the Spindletop for dinner and then we went to TEN for Rick Danna on guitar and Sugar Baby Martinis before ending up at the Dixie. But mostly, I didn't do Jack.


Susan in St. Paul said...

So, were you in danger of doing Jack?

jvlwmo-just voluntarily leaving warped minds outside

Laurie said...

Susan - No, he went home early. ;)

Frantic nuns zoomed left, going off course.