Saturday, January 14, 2006

Laurie Went Out of Town and All We Got Was This Lousy Cartoon

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Just Expressing Myself said...

I nearly fell off my chair!
I love it.

Lorna said...

Come right in---tell us about your experience in blow jobbing; how do you feel your blows would improve our business? we'll let you kow by Tuesday. Promise.

Abby Taylor said...

Uh oh. Looks like material to me.

Hope you're having a snappy time.

Danno said...

Hey, they stole my pick up line!!

Who am I kidding, I'm married. My wife would die laughing if I said that, not because it was funny, just because I considered the possibility. :-0

Laurie said...

Just - That hopeful face just cracked me up.

Lorna - You are the ultimate professional blow jobber interviewer.

Abby - We had mucho snappy fun.

Danno - It's worth a shot. Put it on the bathroom mirror...then try to act innocent.