Monday, November 20, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, One Step Closer to Heaven

Today, I wanted to buy a Visa gift card as a birthday gift. Sounds simple doesn’t it? I didn’t want to spend my whole lunch hour driving to my own bank so I strained my brain all morning trying to think of the location of the nearest bank to my office.

One step forward:

I’ve worked in this building a total of twelve years and it took me several hours to remember there’s a bank in the lobby.


Two steps back:

I called the bank in the lobby and spent about five minutes punching buttons until I was ultimately disconnected for performing the major faux pas of pressing zero.


One step forward:

I called my bank and found out they sell Visa gift cards and the service charge is relatively inexpensive.


Two steps back:

After driving across town to my bank, things were going pretty smoothly until my teller-in-training and her trainer went to the vault to retrieve my gift card and found out everyone was locked out of the vault.


Several karma steps forward:

I made a few good karma points by stepping aside and letting other customers go ahead of me while I patiently waited for the vault to be opened thirty minutes later.

Peace, love, groovy, Woodstock.


Abby Taylor said...

Visa: It's everywhere you want to be. Except where you are.

On an unrelated note... do you get automatic notification of when blogs are updated? And if so... how?

gnightgirl said...

Wow. You're so calm. Have you been talking to the dahli lama or something? I'd have had to scream.

Peter said...

Hi Laurie, calm and serene as usual I see.
BTW for abby taylor, I use bloglines, it works fairly well once set up, a bit of a pain but do-able.

Laurie said...

Abby - Ain't that the truth. On the unrelated note, I use Bloglines.

Gnight Girl - I'm pretty much almost always calm. It drives people nuts.

Peter - There's a shortcut you can put in your favorites that allows you to click on it when you're in a site and add the site to Bloglines very easily. I don't remember how I found it but it's on Bloglines somewhere.

pokerboss said...

You pressed zero. Ha Ha!

Miss Cellania said...

I hope you got the gift card eventually!

I would have gone down to the bank in the lobby before trying to call. Phoning a business is a real pain these days.

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - I tried.

Miss Cellania - I did get the card. I got so mad at the phone for the bank in the lobby for disconnecting me I didn't want to go down there.

Allen said...

Be grateful you don't have nads... karma will kick ya there sometimes too.

Laurie said...

Allen - Ouchy!

carli said...

Here in the NY Metropolitan area, they sell the VISA Gift Cards in the grocery stores now, but I think only for predetermined amounts like $25 or $50. At some grocery stores, there are whole setups of every kind of gift card you can think of.

Laurie said...

Carli - I didn't think of that. I've seen those displays. I need to check it out. Thanks!