Friday, November 17, 2006

Dream Post and Posting Post

This morning right before I woke up for the day, I was dreaming that the son of one of my co-workers was showing me his art/science project which consisted of a messy bathroom with a toilet filled with toilet paper. I told him he couldn’t leave it like that without leaving a note because someone would clean the bathroom and flush the toilet and, then, his science project would be gone.

Just then, Pauline Porizkova came floating gracefully into the bathroom and that’s when I realized my clock radio was playing the wonderful Cars song “Drive” and I had overslept.

Posting note for my stalkers…I mean, my most loyal readers:
I updated my virus protection program last night and between the time my old program was down and my new program was up, I somehow got spyware on my computer and it is moving at a snail’s pace, sort of like Tim Conway when he acts like that old man. Until I can fix the problem, I won’t be posting because that would eventually result in me throwing the computer out the window and there would be all that glass to clean up and everything. Read some archives if you’re desperate for a Miss New Orleans fix.


Inca From Peru said...

I was persuaded to try psylocibin once, during my Carlos Casteneda phase, and I don't think any of the subsequent hallucinations were as good as your everyday dreams.

Sorry about your computer. A couple of suggestions would be to download the following programs (all free), then restart Windows in safe mode, and run them.

First run an anti-spyware program. Any good one will do. If you do not have one already (I suspect you do with your anti-virus package), go here and download AdAware Personal SE. It is better than any free spyware program, and better than a lot you would have to pay for.


The smitrem program is excellent for removing malware in .dll files many of the anti-spyware programs miss. It will also defuse any browser hijack attempts.

HijackThis is a good registry cleaner and like smitrem gets to bugs a basic anti-spyware program will miss.

None of these programs take very long to run, and when you are done restart back into standard mode and you should notice a big difference.

neil said...

I remember being surprised when I got some decent spyware and malware programs at how much stuff had silently crept onto my computer. Just a note though, when you do remove the nasties, some of the neat things you have downloaded onto your site may not work anymore as they might have come with spy or malware. These freebies are apparantly one source of nasties.

Lorna said...

Pauline and the Cars---I get the reference. Hooray!

Peter said...

You showed up on bloglines as having 28 new entries today, busy girl!!!!!

Laurie said...

Inca and Neil - I fixed my spyware problem. That will be my next post.

Lorna - I knew that you would. :)

Peter - I hope you weren't disappointed that they were mostly repeats. :P

La Sirena said...

In the awake scape, my son is currently doing a science fair project on the effect of magnetic force on cockroaches.


I would have preferred the toilet science fair project.

Laurie said...

La Sirena - Aggghhh!!! That's horrible!!!!

Anonymous said...

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