Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Naughty Words That Make Me Smile


silly bitch


doo-doo head


fart blossom

popcorn fart



any word with fuck stuck in the middle of it

shit storm

assy (Example: She sure was acting assy today.)


shit sandwich




gnightgirl said...

Momo's dad says "puke a duck"

Jen T. (that's me) said...

I like "suck-a-duck". Haha.

Jack said...

How do you feel about "dickweed"?

pokerboss said...

Who knew you were such a potty-mouth? Fart blossom is a classic, of course. I also like Jack's offering of "dickweed." Reminds me of Crow T. Robot. And completely off-topic: Do you really have enough trouble with 'bot comments that I have to type "nlifixicung" every time I want to say something? I've been drinking, you know. Cut me some slack.

Allen said...

some of those were naughty as my Cheryl would say (she's so cute in an innocent and naive way)


some of those nasty, wicked funny. I use dingleberry a lot! (usually under my breath reading your posts) *wink*

I'm such a butt-munch aren't I?

Tim said...

All that education, and it comes down to this, eh?

Okay, I always liked "jerkwad." My fellow New Orleans blogger Ashley has been using "fuckmook" a lot of late. What does it mean? Heck if I know, except that I know I don't want to be one.



Laurie said...

Gnight Girl - I never heard that one!

Jen - For some reason that makes me think of Chinese food.

Jack - It can be very effective.

Pokerboss - I weep softly every time I think of Mystery Science Theater. And, yes, everyone must pay the price for my hatred of spam comments, even me. (pbxyxews)


Allen - If I weren't such a dingleberry, you wouldn't have had to show your butt-munch side.

Tim - Ah, yes. Jerkwad. That's a good one. Not a curse word in it, but we all get the point.

Fuckmook?! I've never heard that one. I hope she made it up. I want to make up a cuss word. How about: ass-planet?

Jack said...

And what about those Beavis and Butt-head favorites, "Turd Burglar" and "Ass Goblin"?

Marinade Dave said...

I met Jack Shiht, once, in Bumhfukh, Egypt.

Laurie said...

Jack - Gotta love the poetry of the B-Boys.

Dave - You're being too kind. You can say shit and fuck here. That bell has already been rung.

Marinade Dave said...

I know, and I wasn't afraid to. I just wanted to make it look more like Arabic because of the Egypt connection.

Honest, "tain't" like me to avoid bad words.

Zina said...

I like F-ULGY. I know you don't say the acually fuck word but everyone knows what you mean.

Deek Deekster said...

i tend to use "cockabindi" and "buganga!"

cindybindy said...

My mother's favorite naughty word was "fucky" used as an adjective. My Aunt Muriel, mother's sister, has a naughty saying "sometimes people just make your ass want to suck a lemon." I personally just go for "fucking damn", works every time. Happy Thanksgiving!

NOMAD said...

hey, I am enlarging my vocabulary, go on please :lol:

pokerboss said...

I was at a pawn shop the other day and picked up "Eegah" and "The Wild World of Batwoman" on DVD. Two original eps with Joel! Come over for a double feature sometime.

Serena Joy said...

Love your list, Laurie. I learned a couple of cool new words from it. LOL. Here's one you might want to add: asshat. I forget now why it was invented, but it seemed appropriate at the time. LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving.

pencildick said...

It may not belong but it sure is thin

Laurie said...

Dave - Ewww...taint.

Zina - That's a good one, too.

Deek - Ah, the sophisticated Brit amongst us.

Cindy - Good ones!! I shall from this day forward use fucky as an adjective.

Nomad - Spread the word to all of France.

Pokerboss - That sounds like fun. I never did make it over for Wallace and Grommit either.

Serena Joy - Oh, asshat! I love that one.

Pencil Dick - Is that your name or condition? (By the way, it's one of my favorites...expressions that is.)

La Sirena said...

I'm partial to "fuck stain" -- but I have to be pretty irritated.

Now that my sister is pregnant, she pretty much says it daily.

Laurie said...

La Sirena - I never heard that one.

Leslie said...

I like "clusterfuck" and "snapper-fucking-dickweed." They're my favorites.

Laurie said...

Leslie - Snapper-fucking-dickweed?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!