Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Evil Side is Showing

I'm the person in our group who likes to go early to a club to get the best table, geometrically speaking, for view and sound and, if I can swing it, restroom proximity. (I scored big on the restroom thing at Courville's last time, not so big on view or sound though.) While I wait for everyone else to arrive, I drink and chit-chat with the staff and watch all the other poor suckers come in looking for a good place to sit.

Where's the evil in that, you ask? I especially like to watch the people who come in two hours after me who look at me and my primo table like I'm a pork chop sandwich and they haven't eaten in a week. That makes me happy. I actually had one girl ask me last night, in a somewhat snotty tone as I sat with my three saved chairs, "Are people SITTING with you?"

I wanted to say, "Yes, dear. They're invisible and they don't like you either," but I didn't.

Last night I got an unreasonable amount of joy out of watching several different couples wander around aimlessly trying to find a place to park their derrieres. I had to feel bad for the men because their martini glass carrying dates did not look pleased that they were going to be standing all night. Granted, it was Jive Train and every chair and table in the place was taken by 8:30 p.m. but I still felt superior to the rabble below me and my excellently perfect table.

See what I mean? Evil.


Lorna said...

Aren't people supposed to be evil in clubs where people drink, listen to the devil's music and make plans to be even more evil later?

Rache said...

There's nothing evil about enjoying the fact you forward planned and they didn't :) It's their own fault. I feel the very same way, a lot of people just don't forward plan, not just in this setting but in a lot of the things they do.

Happy C&C Monday.

Nomad said...

then your a nasty bitch :lol:

Laurie said...

Lorna - That's true. I feel better.

Rache - Yes, forward planning. I like the sound of that.

Nomad - Yes, nasty bitch. I like the sound of that. :)

TexasGal said...

I know what you mean! When we go see Dwight or Tbyrd and it's at a place like Cowboys in Sand Antonio we get there early too. We like to stand in front of the stage ... up real close. It's amazing though when the place get's packed you always have some bimbo that tries to squeeze in even though it's obvious to everyone else there isn't any room.

Laurie said...

TexasGal - It's always the bimbos isn't it? Hoochies.