Saturday, July 15, 2006

You Light Up My Life

A friend of mine has to have a radiation treatment after having her thyroid removed and she was telling me about all the precautions she has to take. She's a conscientious person and will follow the doctor's instructions to the letter. I had always assumed that people who are possibly emitting radiation would be under some sort of mandatory quarantine. Guess what, folks. They aren't.

Suppose there are people who have had radiation therapy and must go out in public out of necessity or some dire need. As if I'm not paranoid enough about stair rails, shopping carts and bathroom doors, now I have to wonder if the poor bastard standing next to me in line at the cleaners glows in the dark.

When my friend told me about the radiation that will be coursing through her body, I looked at her and said, "Damn! I sure hope it doesn't make it easier for the aliens to find you." So, I'm making her a tinfoil hat. That's what friends are for.

Here's a picture of the new hat I made for her. Stylish, don't you think?


Popeye said...

You are a good friend, , ,

Sarah said...

That hat is definetely one of the more stylish I've seen. I hope all goes well with her radiation.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Nice shape but maybe you could liven it up a bit. There are lots of cute trims at the fabric and crafts stores. Perhaps a bit of her favorite color around the brim? a tassel at the top? fuzzy ear flaps?

There used to be a woman her who rode a bicycle that was radio active from her time in the Ukraine when chernobyl blew. It got a write up in our local paper! For a short while I had a car that kept getting hit so I put some radioactive tape across the back.

The police were not amused when they stopped me, so I asked about this woman and her bike. They weren't aware of it!!!! So I enlightened them, they said they would check it out and wouldn't fine me if I removed the radioactive banner on my car.

She got a new bike, my brother totalled my car so everything worked out, LOL!

Zina said...

WHo's the friend?
Is it someone I know?
I had a friend too who had her thyroid "killed" by all of that radiation stuff. She was given a long list of do's and don'ts. Her roommates wanted her out, but finally let her stay once they understood things a little bit better. But she had to stay in. She wasn't really allowed to go out for a certain period of time.

I think the top of the hat should be more pointy like an antennae or lightning rod. It couldn't hurt.

Peter said...

Looks like there would be room in the hat for a few small pastries to warm up while wears it.

Laurie said...

Popeye - Why, yes I am.

Sarah - I'll tell her you wished her well. Thanks.

Susan - I'll have to dress it up a bit.

Zina - It's no one you know. It's someone I work with.

Peter - That's funny! Hahahahah!

Shelli said...

The whole radiation thing is weird. As a matter of fact I had to have a radioactive iodine scan of my thyroid last week. I had to swallow a radioactive pill that came in a canister. I asked if it was safe as the doctore is stepping back away from me. She said to me "Hurry up and swallow it. Don't touch the pill, just the container it's in." Well, what it's doing to my tongue while it's sitting there before I took a drink of water???

Laurie said...

Shelli - I hope everything came out okay...with the test, I mean.