Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dave Navarro's New Girlfriend

I've been getting a lot of hits from people looking for a picture of Dave Navarro's new girlfriend, "socialite" Sarah Howard.

That's her up there.

You're welcome.


Marinade Dave said...

She's not quite as electrifying as Carmen, is she?

Have you ever been to his website/blog?

Laurie said...

Dave - You have to feel sorry for this poor chick. I would sure hate to be compared to Carmen Electra constantly. That's a no win situation. Thanks for the link.

Renee said...

No, that's not her. You can see her picture on my profile! ;-)

Laurie said...

Renee - Oh, the picture on your profile is so much prettier. I can see THAT girl with Dave Navarro. Definitely.


Anonymous said...

Who's Dave Navarro, and why does anybody care what she looks like??? Poodles

Laurie said...

Poodles - I don't have the words to explain Dave Navarro. Google him then watch Rock Star next week.