Sunday, July 16, 2006

Anthony Bourdain, The Ramones, Lebanon

I'm sure you're wondering what all three of these things have in common. The answer is me. Cue the Twilight Zone music...again.

  1. Several months ago I developed a renewed interest in the Ramones. I bought a couple of CD's, t-shirts, hat and a DVD about their history.
  2. At around the same time, I started watching Anthony Bourdain's show on the Travel Channel which subsequently resulted in my latest celebrity crush.
  3. I found out earlier this week that Anthony Bourdain is a huge Ramone's fan and I thought that was a strange coincidence that I would develop an interest in both at the same time.
  4. Today, my friend and fellow blogger Mark who I met with last night and who is a photo journalist for the Beaumont Enterprise has a front page article regarding the situation in Lebanon.
  5. Tonight, my friend and fellow blogger Danno, left me a comment that Anthony Bourdain is stranded in Lebanon.
  6. I haven't connected the situation in Lebanon to the Ramones, yet, but I'm sure there's one there somewhere.


fav file clerk said...

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, i wanna be sedated.

Laurie said...

Fav File Clerk - Gabba Gabba Hey!

neil said...

Okay, this isn't quite on theme, but I was watching one of those travel/food docos hosted by a woman with a great big smile and perky attitude about whom Anthony Bourdain has said a few less than complimentary things.

Anyway she was in Texas and went to a place called The Salt Lick, where they had the most awesome barbecue pits, awesome 'cause I'd never seen anything like it. Funny, she used the word awesome a lot too.

So after her $40 budget meal, she went on to Austin to see a few local clubs and I could swear that I saw you in each and every club she visited. Your state rocks!

Laurie said...

Neil - I'm embarassed to say I've never been to Austin. Actually, after that rave review from you, I don't think I've ever been more embarrased to say that. I might have to take a road trip very soon. ((hiding my face in shame))

Laurie said...

Neil - Part 2 - By the way, I find that certain perky Food Network host annoying as well. I've never been able to watch a whole show.

Also, the main reason I'm so embarrassed about not going to Austin is because you're all the way over there in Australia lusting after Austin BBQ and live music and I'm only about 4 hours away. Horrifying!

neil said...

I can assure you the only reason I got through the doco was wondering about if you had been to any of these places. Don't worry on my account that you haven't been there, there are plenty of places here I haven't been to, but when I saw the clubs I kept thinking 'Honey to the bee, baby, honey to the bee.'

Laurie said...

Neil - You know me too well.