Sunday, July 09, 2006

How Bizarre

Last night I went to the National Indoor Football League championship game of the Beaumont Drillers versus the Katy Copperheads.

That's not the bizarre part.

The tickets were free with an eight ticket limit. I managed to get twenty-four tickets in a variety of sneaky and underhanded ways.

That's not the bizarre part.

At halftime, the score was about five million to zero or something like that. The Beaumont Drillers were losing.

That's not the bizarre part.

I'm a bad and inattentive sports fan. If things aren't exciting, my mind and my attention tends to wander and I miss all the good plays. I still enjoy going to games though because I, basically, just like doing stuff. I do, however, tend to annoy people by constantly asking, "What just happened?"

That's not the bizarre part.

Before the game was over, nineteen of my closest friends and relatives, had given the game its best shot and moved on to more exciting venues.

That's not the bizarre part either, but we're getting close.

Final score:
Katy Copperheads: six million
Beaumont Drillers: one-hundred fifty-nine thousand, six hundred seventy-eight.
It wasn't a close game.

Still not the bizarre part, but we're almost there.

My sneaky and underhanded ticket acquisitions were in different parts of the arena. My sister, Bonnie, our friend, Kelly, Kelly's son Gates and one of his friends had the end zone tickets. When everyone who was sitting with me left, I went down and joined Kelly and Bonnie.

Here comes the bizarre.

When the game was over (after three and a half hours!) , we began walking to our cars. We kept walking out of the arena asking each other, "Where did you park." Our twin responses, "Over there." "What?" "Over there." We kept walking and looking back and forth at each other thinking, "No, way."

Okay, folks, here's the bizarre.
  • It was a sold-out game. Do the math. 7000 tickets = (conservatively speaking) 3000 cars
  • I got to the game at least an hour after Bonnie and Kelly
  • There are two different parking lots at Ford Arena
  • I parked right next to Kelly.
I didn't park two cars down or on the next row which would have been odd enough. She had parked on the first row next to the arena and, somehow, the spot right next to her, which I took, had been empty when I got there an hour later.
How bizarre.


Jen T. (that's me) said...

That is bizarre.

JerseyTjej said...

Definately as bizarre as the Yucko the clown I just watched on someone elses blog...some things are just better left unquestioned...

Lorna said...

I'm singing the neeneeneener song...

Laurie said...

Jen, Jersey and Lorna - The more I think about it, the weirder it seems.

Zina said...

Ok..but looking at the pessimist side...
Had you guys left the same place a tthe same'd have ended up parking miles apart!

Hey...I like to go just to go. However, after that Josh Groban thing I might consider before jumping in blindly.

Not really but he's not my style.

Peter said...

Thought we'd never get to the bizare part Laurie, but it was worth the wait, good close game even if a bit low scoring.

Laurie said...

Zina - That's true.

Peter - I was a bit windy, wasn't I?

so said...

OK, you definitely have the Twilight Zone in your world....

Laurie said...

SO - I know!