Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rock Star Supernova

Last summer I became addicted to Rock Star INXS wherein the band INXS chose a new singer. It's sort of like American Idol on crack. The would be rock stars are all a bunch of bad asses who kick butt and take names. I love American Idol and I'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm going to see Bo Bice at Delta Downs next month. However, Rock Star hits me in a spot that's a little more down and dirty than American Idol possibly could.

For two things, Rock Star has Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro instead of Ryan Seacrest. Once again, there is not a thing wrong with Ryan Seacrest in my book. However, while Seacrest would take me out for coffee, Navarro seems like the kind of guy who would drink Stolie's out of my naval...while Brooke and his wife Carmen Electra watch.

The band looking for a singer this year is a new group called Supernova which consists of three hot rock and roll bad boys: Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Jason Newsted of Metallica and Gilby Clarke of Guns 'n Roses. They do the judging and, while the audience vote narrows down the field, the band ultimately picks who gets kicked off the competition each week. Compare these guys, if you will, to Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Guess who I'd rather be partying with on a Saturday night at The Viper Room.

Last year, each week had three episodes:
  • an episode showing the performers at the Rock Star mansion, picking songs, bickering, the usual drama
  • the performance episode
  • the kick someone to the curb episode

This year, the mansion episodes can only be seen online at this site. The first mansion episode is online now and it looks like another intriguing group of performers.

Please join me in my addiction, won't you?

(CBS - Wednesday and Thursday nights, times vary)


Jen T. (that's me) said...

I am still disappointed that JD won last year. :P I wanted Mig or Marty to win. Oh well.

I LOVE DAVE NAVARRO. Didn't we have some big discussion last year about all the hot Dave's/David's we know? ;)

Sheila said...

Can't Wait!

Laurie said...

Jen - I do remember that. Right now I can only think of two of our Dave/David hotties.

Sheila - There's another hot Australian this year! Mig was one of my favorites from last year.

Suzyg20 said...

I have to agree with JenT....I couldn't STAND JD! blachhhh

and I am SUCH a Jason Newsted lover that I almost don't care about the show other than to see him on a twice-weekly basis!
I will join you all in your addiction so let's keep up the talking about it. can't wait to read all your recaps!

Laurie said...

Suzy - I just watched it. It was GREAT!

Suzyg20 said...

I fast-forwarded through it when I got home from Job#2 last night but I intend on suffering through the whole thing tonight.
granted, the 1st night REALLY isn't the greatest indication on who is right for the band. It's basically "look at me" karoake night. lol

Laurie said...

Suzy - I thought it was a GREAT show!

Renee said...

I didn't care for JD till I saw the "Pretty Vegas" video. F'ing HAWT! DAYUM!!

Al said...

The chick who did Big Brother and the Holding Company did a great job - but is she a shorty or what.
Also Brooke gets a couple points off for points off for saying it was a Janis Joplin record - yes she sang for BB&THC, but that's the kind of mistake I reserve for shows like America's got Talent

The dude who did Roxanne was horrid. Also I didn't like the swede who did Satisfaction. The last dude - who did Rebel Yell complete with fist pumps was completely looing down Brooke's dress - yes I would be too. I liked the guys who did She talks to Angels - he's got a Jason Mraz thing happenin' don't know how well he'll fit in later. The chick who did lithium scared me -
By the way can I do a shot from your navel too?

Laurie said...

Renee - I totally hated JD until about the last two episodes and then, BAM, I don't know what hit me.

Al - I'm sure you won't hold the BB&THC against Brooke. Shouldn't Navarro have proofread her copy?

I just watched the results show. I thought the Iceland guy or the Roxanne guy would be gone for sure.

I LOVED the Talked to Angels guy. He made me think of a good looking Van Morrison. I also loved the Lithium chick. She was intriguing.

Regarding the body shot...as soon as Navarro finishes ravaging me, I'll let you know.