Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Orleans Graphic

I came across a blog recently that stated "...from what I understand, New Orleans is being rebuilt pretty successfully...." Her point was that, the people who have been displaced should quit complaining and just go back to New Orleans.

I hadn't realized, or even thought about it for that matter, that a lot of folks probably feel this way. With so many scary things happening around the world, the situation around the Gulf Coast is pretty much just local news.

I've referred you to the blog of Tim in New Orleans before but I refer you again. It's paints a scary, yet hopeful, picture of people who have lost their homes in New Orleans and are trying to live as normal a life as possible while trying to get back to "normal."

I came across this graphic at NOLA Live which is an excellent visual of the timeline of the flooding which occurred almost a year ago.


JerseyTjej said...

Being the functional illiterate that I am, I appreciate it when there is a direct link for me. BTW,I was surfing and you had no word verification again on I think it is a c- o- n- spiracy.

Zina said...

ok what is blog explosion?

do you plan on taking the disaster tour of New Orleans the nextr time you are there? We are planning on taking it. I do feel like I want to see this disaster up close and personal. I may regret it, but we'll see.

Sorry about Cory and Jamie.

Tim said...

Thanks, Laurie. You're a good friend of New Orleans.

The problem is a PR Catch-22: If we tell America we're suffering and on the brink of oblivion, then no one will move back and no businesses will come and Congress and the President will not want to throw good money our way. So we tell America we're making progress, but some people think that means we're okay and we don't need any help because you know, it's been almost a year so everything must be back together again, right?



Laurie said...

Jersey - That's weird about the comment verification thing. I'll check into it.

Zina - I'll explain Blog Explosion to you one day or you can go

I didn't do the disaster tour. I didn't think I could handle it. I know that's selfish but maybe next time.

Tim - That's a hard line to walk.