Thursday, July 13, 2006

All's Fair in Flirting and War - Sister Version

My dad recently had surgery and his surgeon was not only one of the top in his field, he was also gorgeous. My sisters and I would anxiously wait for his daily rounds. He was on the quiet side and not much of a jokester so, rather than make jokes and attempt conversation with him, we would respectfully listen to his assessment of dad’s progress, nodding intently, and then drool and swoon after he left.

One day, he made his rounds after lunch. He checked on dad and asked mom how she was doing and mom said she was fine but the fold-out chair/bed she was using was awfully narrow. This statement was more than Bonnie could bear and she commented to the doctor, while batting her lashes and smiling broadly, that perhaps it wasn’t the narrowness of the chair but the wideness of mom’s backside that was the problem.

When the doctor left, mom said, “Bonnie, I can’t believe you said that!!!”

Terry said, “Way to go, Bonnie.”

I said, “You have spinach in your teeth.”


JerseyTjej said...

And if you got a second glance from said attractive surgeon, it was worth skewering momma ( Forgive me MOM!)
I lovE a foxy doctor...

Jen T. (that's me) said...

I plan on being married to a wealthy, faithful, attractive physician in my next life.

I will also be a super model in my next life.


Anonymous said...

What I said was..."Its not the size of the mattress. Its the width ratio of mattress to backside". Even with green crap in my teeth I thought it was witty. I at least got a grin from him

Baby Sis.

Laurie said...

Jersey - He was quite the fox.

Jen - That sounds like a very good plan.

Baby Sis - Floss lately?

Just Expressing Myself said...

Too funny!
When my grandmother broke her hip her roomate's two aunts got in an awful fight. One sister told the other sister's boyfriend her real age - 90. She had claimed 85!
Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

Frances - Your story is better than mine! Hahahahahaha!

Your Mom said...

Mother would like to get the story correct: I said "My chair/bed is only 2 feet wide, but it doesn't keep me from sleeping". Bonnie said "The problem is the bed is 2 feet wide and Mom's butt is 3 feet wide."
Very funny. The response from "Gorgeous Doctor" was "I'm not going there, it is like asking the question "Does this dress make me look fat". And he smiled and left quickly.

Laurie said...

Mom - Well, the last line is accurate.